TRAMPOLINE & TUMBLING (Must have passed a level 2 class or higher)
Ages: 7+ | 60 Min Class | 10 to 1 Ratio
This class is perfect for any gymnast who has a specific floor or tramp goal. While still progressing the basic skills, the kids in this class will work on what skills they need. No matter if you are a cheer leader trying to make the team and need that handspring or tuck, or if you are a brother of a gymnast and you want to get that front flip down, this class is for you. Be sure to look at the schedule to make sure the class is around the age of your gymnast. Besides you get tramp every week!

HIGH SCHOOL PREP (Junior Varsity)

Ages: around 11-17 | 120 Min Class | 10 to 1 Ratio
This class is available all year and is designed for the girls that are either planning on joining a high school team, or are on the JV level of their high school team. These kids will start putting together the skills needed to make their routines for the high school season. With the ability in most areas to start high school gymnastics in 7th grade, it’s never too late to start. Kids will work on handspring vaults, tumbling passes, bar routines using the uneven set, and get the skills needed for a beam routine. This is a fun way to introduce high school gymnastics without the pressure of more experienced gymnasts getting in the way.