Ages: 18 months – 3 Yrs | 45 Minute Class | 6 to 1 Ratio
This class will introduce gymnastics to your toddler in a fun and exciting atmosphere. With their parent, the little gymnast will work on preparatory gymnastics skills on equipment that is designed for preschoolers. They will also work on developmental skills such as listening, following directions and taking turns. During class, parents are expected to assist their child in attempting skills as needed and keeping them on task. Classes are run in a circuit style, so your child has minimal waiting time. Come ready to have a good time and bond with your child!

Ages: 3 - 5.5 | 45 Min Class | 6 to 1 Ratio
This class will continue to work on lead up skills for basic gymnastics skills. They will also work on important developmental milestones including counting, verbal communication, listening skills and cooperation. As students age, this class will continue to work on basic gymnastics skills adding difficulty as your child advances. They will be working towards the transition to the school-age classes in the large gym. Listening and following directions well are key components to a successful transition to the large gym.