Ages: 6+ | 60 Min Class | 8 to 1 Ratio
This class will build the foundation for the more difficult skills to come. Most skills will be worked with the aid of equipment and/or a spot by the coach. Starting cartwheels, support on the bars, various walks and jumps on the beam are some of the skills to be worked on. From here, the skills will get a little more difficult and quality/form of skills will be more emphasized.

SPRINGERS (level 2)
Ages: 6+ | 60 Min Class | 8 to 1 Ratio
This class will build on skills from the Shooting Stars class. Gymnasts will work basic skills without aid or assistance. Skills needed before they move to the next level include: cartwheel and small handstand on floor; pullover on the bar; forward, backward and sidewalks, small jumps and leaps on beam; run and hurdling into beginner vaults. From here, the skills get more complex and these basic skills are crucial to achieve success at the next level.

LEAPERS (level 3)
Ages: 6+ | 90 Min Class | 10 to 1 Ratio
This class will start more advanced gymnastics skills. Passing of prerequisite skills is required to enroll in this class. Some of the skills worked on are walkovers and round -off on floor, cartwheel and handstand on beam, back hip circle and under swings on bars, running into rolls and handstand on vault. This class is 1 ½ hours long which gives them added time to master the more difficult skills. They will also spend some time conditioning to build muscle strength needed for these skills.

SPARKLES (level 4)
Ages: 6+ | 120 Min Class | 10 to 1 Ratio
This class will start combining skills together to create a sequence of different gymnastics maneuvers. Starting the handspring shapes on many events, putting 3-5 skills on bars together without stopping or assistance, and using the power of your run to make your handstand vaults will all be an important part of your class. The skills in the upper levels are harder to achieve so be ready to practice and work hard in your classes.

KIPPERS (level 5)
Ages: 6+ | 120 Min Class | 10 to 1 Ratio
This class will have a lot more advanced skills than all the others. Working on handsprings with spot, advanced circling skills on bars and the beginning of walkovers on the beam. These skills will be useful if they’d like to compete on a high school team, or just do some cool tricks at a park. These skills will require a certain amount of strength to achieve. If your child has any trouble with progressing, don’t forget that you get a discount for attending multiple classes.

FLIPPERS (level 6)
Ages: 6+ | 120 Min Class | 10 to 1 Ratio
This class is the final level of the girls program. If you got this far, congrats on your hard work and dedication. In this class, kids can start putting skills into routines and these skills will rival the skills from some high school teams (you can start high school in 7th grade, talk to your local high school). From here kids often come more than once a week to keep these advanced skills current. With twisting and flipping, springing and leaping this class may be the most work, but it is also very rewarding!


Ironmen (lvl 1)
Ages: 6+ | 60 Min Class | 8 to 1 Ratio
This class is the first level of the boys program. This class will start building the foundation of the 6 men’s events. With basic holds, swings, shapes and skills on Floor, Bars, Vault, Horse, Rings, and Parallel Bars the kids will develop a better body awareness and from here move onto becoming a well-rounded gymnast!

Ring Masters (lvl 2)
Ages: 6+ | 60 Min Class | 8 to 1 Ratio
This class takes the basics learned from Ironmen and will build on them. If you are a little older or have excellent coordination then you may start here. This level will start more advanced swings and holds on each of the events. General strength and understanding of the basics will assist the development of better cartwheels and handstands, pullovers and large swings on bars, inverted holds on rings, the start of circling skills on horse and the beginnings of flipping vaults. All these skills are crucial for moving up to level 3 Gym Maniacs

Gym Maniacs (lvl 3)
Ages: 6+ | 90 Min Class | 8 to 1 Ratio
This class will begin the harder skills that without prior gymnastics experience, may be to challenging. In this class, gymnasts will be working on round off and handspring skills, circling, and swings on bars, small dismounts and hard holds on p-bars, along with swinging on rings to and from inverted shapes. This is a great time to ask about the boy’s team program or come more than once a week to get more practice on those hard skills.